A culture based on innovation

The status quo isn’t good enough to set apart from the competition.

Whether it be in improving our clients’ solutions, improving our company’s operations, creating new products or services, or simply by improving our workplace environment, we want to enable our employees to innovate by harnessing their creativity and passion for making the impossible, possible. We accomplish this by fostering a culture that encourages individuals to stay on top of emerging technologies, continually develop and float new ideas, create business value propositions, test prototypes, and present the results to our leadership and our clients.

Innovation is about creating a culture where every employee believes that one can improve everything.

Areas of Research and Development

Coherent Solutions sets a high value on our employees and clients, invests time and money in creating a conducive environment for developing innovative solutions. Our R&D approach aims to drive innovations and implement them in our company’s projects, products, services, and operations. We run company-wide R&D labs where our talented teams collaborate to create and test new technologies and solutions.

AI and Machine Learning

Our AI and ML researches and best practices help businesses boost productivity and gain an edge over competitors. We utilize our R&D labs to provide technical support and consulting for AI and machine learning application development.

We focus Coherent Solutions’ research and development on a wide variety of AI and ML technologies, including image processing, computer vision, and natural language processing. Our software engineers have innovated, tried, and tested multiple tech aspects of machine learning, ranging from face recognition to sales forecasting.

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Programming languages

Libraries for machine learning

Machine learning studio

As an Amazon Advanced Consulting Partner, Coherent Solutions’ engineers use its advantages to build, train, deploy machine learning models, or create custom models in our R&D labs.

Internet of Things

Coherent Solutions helps hardware vendors by driving creative IoT innovations. Our R&D approach allows us to sharpen our engineering skills and learn industry-specific knowledge. Our software engineers innovate and leverage IoT best practices based on in-house R&D.

The areas of Coherent Solutions’ expertise in IoT include but aren’t limited to wearables, HVAC systems, CNC machines, fleet management, remote medical care, smart homes.

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Thanks to our R&D labs, Coherent Solutions brings blockchain technologies to our clients’ projects. Our software engineers drive innovations to various blockchain-based solutions that include private and public blockchains, smart contracts, blockchain network infrastructures, cryptographic protocols, and algorithms, etc.

Our software engineers are welcome to brainstorm ideas on how to implement blockchain technologies, conduct in-house research, try innovations, and test them in our labs.

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Private blockchain frameworks

Public blockchains

Programming languages

Extended Reality

Our R&D labs help our software engineers investigate XR technologies and deliver competitive XR apps on an enterprise scale. Coherent Solutions’ XR experts bring innovations for various Android and iOS devices and popular XR hardware like Magic Leap, Microsoft HoloLens, and Oculus Quest.

Our best research includes innovations in medical rehabilitation, haptic technologies, data visualization, indoor navigation, and smart assistance. We encourage and support our engineers from the initial stage of the innovation process, including ideation, development, testing, deployment, and integration.

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Industries We Serve

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