Meetups & Conferences

To share knowledge and discuss technological trends, we regularly organize numerous meet-ups. Any Coherent Solutions’ employee can prepare a talk and participate in the discussion of a topic they are interested in. Every year several dozens of meet-ups on different topics are conducted: back-end and front-end technologies, databases, new frameworks and versions of popular programming languages, QA automation tools and much more.

In addition to technological meet-ups, we also organize meet-ups for professional development in various fields. First of all, our employees share their expertise in healthcare and finance industry domains, wearable devices and Internet of Things. Many participants organize meet-ups that focus on the nuances of working in a multicultural environment, interaction with clients, building an effective team. Authors of talks can take courses on public speaking, formatting presentations and communication with the audience.

Corporate Conferences

Coherent Solutions’ subsidiary ISsoft Solutions every year gathers more than 350 participants on open technological conference ISsoft Insights offline and onlinе. We share our knowledge, which we have gathered over the 25 years of successful work in the area of software development. Our talks are based on practical experience of using various technologies in both production and R&D projects of our company. Usually, a conference consists of about 20 talks by ISsoft’s leading professionals, divided into separate tracks. In addition to that there is a stream of workshops for those who not only want to gain new knowledge but also would like to instantly put it into practice.

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