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Are there any programming courses you can enter with only basic specialized knowledge, master technology, learn for free and get real hands-on experience? Yes, Coherent Solutions Romania Developer School is the right place for you.

We invite students of 3rd or 4th course of technical specialties fields from any city in Romania to study Java, Front End, .NET and Big Data at our programming school. Our training courses combine theoretical training and the development of practical skills that will be useful in real projects. If you are ready to absorb knowledge, cope with homework and improve code quality for three months, you will not only enhance your professional level, but also find a job at Coherent Solutions Romania or another IT-company quickly.

Recruitment in Coherent Solutions Romania Developer School is going on permanently. Duration of the course depends on the technology you choose. Training is free, but to get to the training you need to pass an entrance test.

The best participants of the course will receive a job offer from Coherent Solutions Romania.

All you need to know about Coherent Solutions Romania Developer School: 


Tests, lectures, homework checks – the entire course takes place in an online format. If you don’t have an opportunity to watch the lecture online, you can review it in a recording at your convenience. Teachers are happy to answer all the questions during the course. Coherent Solutions Romania experts also take part in trainings and share their experience with students.


The length of the course depends on the chosen technology. On average, courses run from two and a half to three and a half months with lectures twice a week. One session lasts 90 minutes. Groups usually consist of twenty to thirty people.

Essential knowledge

You will need knowledge of the fundamentals of discrete mathematics, OOP, algorithms, logic and number systems. English language level B1-B2 would be a plus. The rest of the required knowledge depends on the direction you choose.


As a rule, 50% of graduates are invited for an interview for a developer position at Coherent Solutions Romania. Potential candidates are selected according to the results of training and final testing.


To join the course, you will need to pass the entrance test with questions on the basics of computer science, programming and logic, as well as answer a few questions related to the selected technology. Coding challenges are also included in the test. Usually, it includes twenty to thirty questions which take from forty to ninety minutes to answer.


All Coherent Solutions Romania trainings
are free of charge for attendees.

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Front End

For those who want to develop web-applications based on modern frameworks, create complex user interfaces and implement responsive design, we teach Front End direction in our Developer School.

During the course you will:

  • learn the basics and basic techniques of layout;
  • learn browser working principles;
  • learn the basics of JavaScript;
  • work with DOM;
  • learn how to choose and use CSS preprocessors;
  • gain experience with collectors;
  • learn the basics of Node.js.

For you to feel comfortable studying and be able to pass the entry test, you’ll need knowledge of programming basics, algorithms and a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. After you have completed our web programming courses, you will have the opportunity to start a career in IT companies.


One of the most popular programming languages will help you discover a new profession. Our Java training course:

  • provides knowledge of Java Core at a decent level;
  • introduces Unit-tests, multithreaded applications;
  • teaches Test-driven development;
  • you can master a lot of tools: builds, lockers, etc.;
  • teaches you approaches and practices of creating beautiful code.

When the course is finished, the trainer sends a letter to all the students, prescribing the further self-study program, so that they can deepen their knowledge and quickly find a job as a junior. Of course, the best students will receive an invitation to an interview at ISsoft.

To get into a free Java training course with possible employment afterwards, you will need knowledge of basic SQL and databases.

Big data 

At Big Data course in Developer School you will learn how to work with analytics, big data and get to know:

  • how to work with distributed databases;
  • how to use pure Python and numpy, pandas libraries to process data;
  • how to use Cloud services;
  • how to build OLAP systems in general cases;
  • base about HADOOP ecosystem and ETL processes (how they differ from ITL);
  • what Integration design is;
  • theory on Data Warehouse, Data lake, Staging Layer;
  • Multithreaded applications in Python;
  • SQL, Hive;
  • Map-reduce;
  • Spark Core, Spark SQL, Spark Dataframe API;
  • GCP/AWS and their available services.

Besides the trainer and experts from the company, the lecture will be given by a former course graduate, who has also attended the training and is already working for Coherent Solutions/ISsoft.

To join the course you need a basic knowledge of Linux, an understanding of databases, the SQL language, and programming in Python or Java.


The entry test for .NET course will prove easy for those who know the basics of OOP, algorithmization, and basic principles of program development.

The training will give you the opportunity to:

  • learn C# language, including the updates of the latest versions;
  • master the nuances of syntax and best practices of code writing;
  • learn how to use basic technologies of .NET 5 platform and details of Common Language Runtime;
  • work with databases and use the technology ADO.NET as well as Entity Framework Core.

Students will need to do their homework: create programs under the given conditions. The complexity of tasks is average, students are usually given a week to complete their homework, which is enough to cope with the task. All homework is checked by the course trainer Alexey Volosevich. In addition, he assesses the quality of students’ code and shares his own examples and solutions of extracurricular problems, which the students can also use to write good code.

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Impressions of Programming School graduates

  • Liza Moyseychik
    .NET Developer School

    “I learned about ISsoft Developer School from my friends who had already attended the training. They shared positive feedback, so I visited the website of the company to see if there is a .NET training and then I decided to apply. The entry test was not difficult. It included general questions about OOP and data types. However, if you don’t have a technical background, it can be complicated. I am a third-year student of Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at Belarusian State University, so I was familiar with the basics of programming. 

    I have no regrets about taking the course. I liked the preliminary training plan and at first everything seemed very easy. But when we started to dive deeper into the subject, the studies became more difficult. The program of the course focused on understanding how the .NET platform works at the abstract level. Some topics took more time and effort for proper understanding. For example, asynchronous programming, build tools, and reflection. I could easily combine the ISsoft training and studies at the university. There were eight homework assignments in total. They were easy at the beginning, and then became more complicated, but possible to accomplish. Asking questions during the training could guarantee a better grasp of the material. 

    The feedback from the trainer, Alexey Volosevich, was very helpful. He reviewed the code, not only to check for errors, but also to examine the structure and the way you write the code. It was interesting to learn to write correctly and in a structured way. The amount of knowledge I got during the training is enough to become a .NET developer and perform well”. 

  • Nikita Zadorozhny
    Java Developer School

    “In September 2020, I saw information about Java Developer School enrollment on the online vacancy portal. I applied. I was sent a link to the test, which I successfully passed and got into the training. The test was not difficult, there were questions about discrete mathematics and logic, I also had one problem to solve. The course itself lasted for three months. I liked it and the classes were interesting, so it was easy to learn. By the end of the course, we learned Java SE, Maven, Class Design, Multithreading, Java Concurrency, and Java Stream API. During the whole training we had only three homework assignments. And our trainer explained everything in a simple and comprehensive way.

    After the training I was invited to an interview, and in January I accepted a job offer at ISsoft. Now I am a third-year student at Belarusian State Technological University at the faculty of Information Technologies and I work remotely 6 hours a day. Remote work is not really my thing, I like to get things done at the office. I feel much more concentrated on my work tasks there”.

  • Yaroslav Bondar
    Front End Developer School

    “My experience at ISsoft started a few years ago. In 2017 I studied at Summer School for Kids Programming on Python course, and then, in 2019, JavaScript Summer School started. I loved learning new things and taking classes. As an active student who was a freshman at the time, I wanted to come back when I was a third-year student to enroll to a training again.

    Studying in my third year, I saw the start date of Front End Developer School on the website and applied for it. I realized that my level of knowledge for the junior interview was not good enough, so the course was a good chance to learn something new and to get more experience. On the entry test, there were mostly simple questions that required knowledge of mathematics, programming, and JavaScript. However, there were also difficult tasks based on the programming language. Nevertheless, it was possible to pass the test.

    I learned a lot at the training. The instructor, Igor Korshuk, made every class very interesting and enjoyable. So I learned much more about what I thought I knew perfectly well. Homework was both simple, which required just a few more lines of code, and complex, which means it took effort, attention and time. I attended lectures every time, didn’t want to miss a thing. It turned out that the revision of materials is an important part of studying because every time I find something new for myself”.