Innovation Sandbox – an internal startup incubator

A culture of innovation cannot be built “from above” but cultivated and nurtured in a team united by shared values. Working at Coherent Solutions Romania, you can count on the company’s support even with your startup. Innovative thinking and an understanding of the product lifecycle are crucial for our company’s success. Moreover, we are not just contractors, but partners and consultants for our clients.

Everyone at Coherent Solutions Romania can pitch their project idea to Innovation Sandbox and get the support they need for growth. Innovation Sandbox helps startups analyze markets and competitors, define target audience, build unique competitive advantage and product value, and much more.

Projects enroll in the startup incubator every 6 months. During the Innovation Sandbox program, participants attend educational sessions, workshops, trainings, do hypothesis testing, work on product promotion and monetization strategies, and, of course, develop a prototype or MVP.

The project leader can invite colleagues from different Coherent Solutions/ISsoft offices to work together on the product. All participating teams present their projects to experts including customers and employees of Coherent Solutions/ISsoft. Three finalist projects receive financial support from the company every six months.

Innovation Sandbox project stories

  • Dmitry Solovyov
    Leader of "My Paramedic"

    Dmitriy joined Innovation Sandbox with an idea to create an application that will monitor health, predict heart attacks and call for help in life-threatening condition. Since winning Demo Day in July 2019, Dmitry and his team have participated in startup events, made MVPs, and received training at Vision Health Pioneers, a German incubator.

    The initial idea grew into a Digital Health application that doctors can prescribe to patients to monitor their health. The Innovation Lab was the impetus to bring Dmitry’s idea to life, gave a basic understanding of the processes beyond development and first investments.

  • Alexander Petsoranski
    Leader of "eMarketChain"

    QA Automation Engineer Alexander Petsoranski from Coherent Solutions Bulgaria has won Demo Day #6 with his “eMarketChain” project that is an e-commerce platform which uses blockchain technology to avoid middlemen commissions and offer the consumer a better price. The idea that allowed its creator to win the grand prize is a spicy one: in his project Alexander took a swing at competing with e-commerce market leaders, such as Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba.

    The competitive advantage of Alexander’s solution is in the integration of the EMAC token, which will help make all payments on the platform instant and more secure. In addition, the use of blockchain technology will bypass the fees of payment systems and online stores, thereby significantly reducing the cost of goods to the end consumer.

  • Roman Kuchuk
    Leader of "l.core"

    Roman Kuchuk’s project from the sphere of transport logistics turned out to be the best at Demo Day #5. The core idea is a kind of “virtual assistant”, which will be able to save the logistician’s time and support the driver on the course of his journey by adapting routes to road changes in real time.

    According to Roman, his goal was not to win Demo Day, but to find out how the company could help him develop the product. And so it happened: Roman’s team revised the financial plan and updated the business model while continuing to write code and conduct meetings with potential partners. During this time, they managed to contact MapOn and Ruptela – Baltic companies that work with GPS solutions for vehicle monitoring. They also helped to confirm the hypothesis of the demand for such a product in the market.

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