Training center

Young professionals with little or no experience can become a part of Coherent Solutions Romania after completing corporate training. It usually takes from two to three months, depending on the chosen discipline. We teach Java, .NET, C++, front-end and mobile developers, data engineers and DevOps professionals, manual QA and automation QA, business analysts and UX designers.

Key features of studying in Coherent Solutions Training Center:

  1. Personal schedule. An individual program is organized for each student. The course starts on the day when you are ready to start. You don’t need to wait for months until a group of students is formed. University students are allowed to have a shortened study day – six hours instead of eight.
  2. Practical approach. Our courses provide practical skills and knowledge, which are used on real projects in our company. After completing a course, students can join Coherent Solutions Romania team.
  3. Personal teacher-mentor. An experienced teacher works with every student individually: creates a training program and explains theory, gives and reviews tasks, explains and corrects the mistakes.

Coherent Solutions’ courses are not a competition, where only five out of forty students get a job offer. Successful completion of classes is a 100% guarantee of employment in our company. Moreover, our courses are not only free – you receive a payment for the training time.

Would you like to enroll in our courses? Submit your application and successfully pass the interview. If you would like to learn more, please, click here.

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